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Poster: Ed End Date: Nov 26, 2022 2:56am
Forum: netlabels Subject: forget mi note by Britney25 [Unforgettable Music in Free Download]

The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents forget mi note by Britney25.
"Unforgettable Music for the Forgotten People"
In free download here
The album is also available in custom recycled cassettes (audio tapes) here

Whatever the waves, they always come back to the beach, as surely as the arm of a record player, even if it disappeared long ago under the rubbish, themselves covered with potentially fatal green algae.

If a punk spirit exists, it's not a poser thing, but a visceral one, like the meeting of the urgency of the now future and the living skinned who refuses to let oneself be crushed by the machine of the system. Exhibition of skin-deep sensitivity, the echo of our shared nightmares, in an orgy of sound. Resistance to suffering. Bearer of hope, not even hurt !
Resistance to oblivion, salt on the wounds and in the middle of the vomit, the overflow of emotion, blood clots that are priceless. Oscillating on the border of the sublime and the grotesque, revolutionary ? Only authenticity changes the game and makes us want to scream too. We are all born to die. So might as well have fun with the grace of those who have nothing to lose. Not even dead yet. Don't forget, don't forget anything.

It seems that horsnorme music has always been too punk for experimental music audiences and too experimental for punk audiences. Britney25's music is horsnorme, with no assigned place, always on the move, never where you expect it, alive until the last moment... and beyond. It is a joy to welcome the latest offspring of this stateless traveler who refuses to return to her niche in the society of the spectacle.

By the way, a big fuck to the French State which is experimenting a new RSA (the french solidarity allowance) with forced labor to make those who create on the margins disappear a little more... in the hands of the firms.